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World Wide Waste 1/3: doing it online is good for the environment - right?


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Gerry McGovern is a globally-recognised web usability expert whose new book sets out the devastation wrought by our over-consumption of all things digital.

This programme is available as a podcast - listen or download here

This programme, the first of three, is based on an interview done online on the first day of the Coronavirus lockdown in the UK.

As it happens, Gerry is currently advising the WHO on how they simplify presentation of Coronaviruns information on their website - but this is not the only time the pandemic is discussed, as Gerry makes the link between the sourcing of rare earth materials for smartphone manufacture, and the increasing frequency of global virus outbreaks.

This programme provides an overview of how digital is killing our planet, and what we can do about it (also the subtitle of the book).

Of the other two programmes, one is about how typical business behaviours and practices are squandering what could be a green dividend from digital, and the other looks at our addictive consumption of digital as consumers, and what it is doing to us and our planet.

Watch out for publication of these programmes in the next two weeks.

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