CLGdotTV content is free to view, we want it to stay that way and we need your help to make sure that it does.

We set up CLGdotTV because we feel that people at the front line of public services need, deserve and want a dedicated dotTV Channel. Our programmes are about, for and by anyone involved in the provision of local public services and reach across professional silos.

Benefiting from our content and using CLGdotTV to make your voice heard requires no membership fees, no sharing of data, no travelling to repetitive events. It’s all free to view or listen to, 24/7 from any device

Six months after we launched we get more than 12,000 viewers a month; 50% of our programmes are made outside London and all our dotTV programmes are presented simultaneously as podcasts and with written commentary. A proportion of our content is sponsored and we aim to keep this proportion low. Where it is we make the source of the sponsorship clear at the point of delivery. We are grateful for our sponsors support but we need your support too. So we are asking you to make a financial contribution. Not a fee for access to our content, which will remain free, but a donation to help your channel grow.

While you are thinking whether to send us £5 or £500 why not email some suggestions for programme topics or guests. Email us at It’s your channel after all.