What are we and what do we do?

CLGdotTV is a webTV Channel producing and broadcasting programmes about, for and by anyone involved in the provision of local public services. We set up CLGdotTV because we feel that those who deliver local public services need, deserve and want a dedicated webTV Channel. Viewing our content is free of charge and will remain so. Hearing and seeing our expert guest speakers requires no memberships, no sharing of data, no travelling, no overnight stays.

Who are our viewers?

Anyone interested in the delivery of local public services can be part of the CLGdotTV community and can join the conversation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Vital statistics?

CLGdotTV launched in February 2018 with a single weekly webTV programme made in central London. Now we produce seven or eight programmes a week, around 50% of our programmes are made outside London, some are broadcast live and all are available on-demand, and all our programmes are presented simultaneously as webTV programmes, podcasts and written content. We get more than 12,000 viewers each month.

Who controls us and funds us?

We are independent and owned by our management. No hidden force is pulling the strings. We are non-aligned and committed to transparency in all our dealings. We pay our bills by seeking sponsorship for a small percentage of our content. This is unlikely to change much as we grow. Where a programme is sponsored we make the fact that it is sponsored and the source of the sponsorship clear at the point of delivery.

Where do we stand?

We are a “campaigning” organisation in that we are, for example, committed to

Who are the CLGdotTV community?

officers and elected members of local authorities, combined authorities, regional and devolved administrations; some Whitehall departments and some Westminster offices; senior management in health and social care, the blue-light services the voluntary sector, professional and membership organisations, SMEs and multinationals principals and researchers in think tanks and business consultancies.

We are grateful to the following organisations for their support whether financial, in kind or in spreading the word about CLGdotTV

Keeping informed

Follow us on Twitter @CLGdotTV and @CLGdotPOD for programme schedules, live broadcast log-on details, guest lists and other information including how to find particular programmes in the on-demand archive.

Intellectual Property Rights

CLGdotTV, CLGdotPOD, www.connectedlocalgovernment.tv , www.theinformationdaily.com all the associated channel, platform and programme brands including but not restricted to CLGdotTV, CLGdotTV Working Lunch; CLGdotTV Briefings; CLGdotTV Head to Head; CLGdotTV Progress Reports; CLGdotTV AnswerTime; CLGdotTV Front Line Stories ; CLGdotTV InFocus, CLGdotTV Happy Hour; InformationDaily.TV and I-D.TV are all trading brands of CLGdotTV Limited registered in England company number 08999370. All the content on our platforms is owned by CLGdotTV Limited and the intellectual property in all the content presented on our sites and platforms in whatever format is owned by CLGdotTV Limited unless stated otherwise.

Privacy - What information do we collect?

We invite individuals to start a dialogue with us. We make this invitations if, for example, we feel they might be interested in appearing on one of our shows or nominating one of their colleagues to appear on a show. If they accept that invitation we hold enough of the information that they provide to maintain the dialogue. Typically contact details and information relating to their interests, job title and responsibilities.

We sometimes use this data to inform them of content events (for example the upcoming broadcast of a programme we think will interest them).

We don’t sell, hire or give any data to any third party.

We retain these data until we receive a "please remove me from your database" request by email. This process is simple, email CLGdotTVdatamanager@gmail.com stating "please remove me from your database" in the subject field. Every Friday afternoon we check the folder and remove the data.

Cookies and website data

Cookies are small text files which websites put on your browser and are time limited. Cookies can be manually deleted from your browser any time.

We use cookies to make our website work as efficiently as possible and to gather anonymised analytics data of visitors to our platforms and programmes.

We don’t use cookie data for marketing purposes.

Third party cookies: When you share an article from our sites through a social network or login to our site using a social network you authorise the social network to put a long term cookie on your browser. It enables you to use the sharing or login facilities until such time as the cookie expires or you change your preferences with the particular social network.

You can stop third party cookies from being generated by going to the third party’s website and requesting them to issue you with a "no thanks" cookie which will ensure that no cookies are stored on your browsers.


We use Google Analytics and other analytical tools to measure the website traffic to help us improve our content. We do not use that information to target advertising.

Your data privacy rights

You have the right to request a copy of the personal information we hold about you and have any inaccuracies corrected or removed. Please address requests by email to the CLGdotTVdatamanager@gmail.com