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Tech & care: perspectives from Skills for Care, NHS Digital and CQC


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Dame Moira Gibb (Skills for Care), Keith Strahan (NHS Digital) and Mark Sutton (Care Quality Commission) share thoughts from the Digital Care Conference 19

The care sector needs to ensure its ‘very capable’ workforce are supported and not left behind as we move into a digital world, says Dame Moira, who chairs Skill for Care, the national workforce development agency. In fact, many care workers already use digital in their private lives and would welcome tools to help them in their working lives. Many service users are also enthusiastic about technology.

Elsewhere, as Keith Strahan points out, hospitals are still posting (not even faxing!) information to care homes, while domiciliary care providers may get no information at all from the NHS. The new Data Security and Protection Toolkit from NHS Digital could be the game changer that brings the care sector to the digital information sharing party.

Meanwhile the Care Quality Commission, which appointed Mark Sutton last year as its first ever Chief Digital Officer, is looking to support providers to take up digital tools for management and service delivery purposes, with the added bonus that digital could also be a means to reduce the burden of reporting for the purpose of regulation.

Moira, Keith and Mark spoke with CLGdotTV at the Digital Care Conference held in Birmingham in December 2019.


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