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What local councillors need to know about online security, GDPR and management of personal data


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Councillors Karen Young (St Albans DC) and Tom Fitzpatrick (Norfolk CC) explain why elected members need to mug up on cyber security and the consequences of data handling errors.

The discussion ranges across the vulnerabilities of council IT systems to attacks, the impact of GDPR (new legislation on data handling and protection introduced last year) and the ‘Hillary Clinton hazard’ whereby a politician uses the wrong email address when conducting personal, political and council-related business that should be kept separate.

As councils use IT increasingly to save cost and improve services, these issues are only going to increase in importance, and cannot be avoided even by the shrinking numbers of digital-phobes among local politicians.

Both councils represented on the panel have collaborated to produce some online training on the issues, especially for elected members. The training covers cyber security generally but also managing email and understanding the security of personal data provided to the council by local people.

As our panel point out, the training is easy to access and really short, so there is no excuse for not doing it!

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