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What it's like to put 'lived experience' into the design and production of health & care services


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Keymn Whervin was 21 and at university when her mother experienced a stroke that left her without speech and paralysed on one side.

Catapulted into the role of full time carer, Keymn had to learn the hard way how to negotiate the health and care system in order to get the best for her Mum.

So good was she at doing this (not least articulating shortcomings to relevant authorities) that Keymn was sought out by her local council (Solihull) to help them with a new programme about co-production. The programme, called ‘Making it Real’ was developed by Think Local Act Personal (TLAP), where Keymn continues to be a member of the National Co-production Advisory Group.

Keymn has worked with a several local authority, NHS and CCG programmes on co-production initiatives and believes these are making great progress. However, there is much still to be done, and disconnects between health and social care remain, as her own recent experience with her mother’s care suggests.

Part of the solution, she says, will be digital sharing of individuals’ care and medical records, but even when that improves, co-production of care strategies and services will remain a vitally important part of getting integrated care delivery right.





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