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West Midlands ADASS priorities 2020/21: the view pre-Coronavirus


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This programme was made in a different world. Underlying approaches remain relevant however dramatically plans have been forced to change

In December 2019, we interviewed four social care directors from the West Midlands leading the region's response to what was already a challenging environment.
Although the context for their remarks is transformed - Brexit was the thing then - some of the points they made still resonate strongly today:
- Jenny Wood, leading on social care's relations with NHS in the region, highlights progress made  in 2019/20 understanding each others' business, hugely important sureley for the coming challenges
- Elaine Carolan, leading on the care market, outlines good work done in 2019/20 to ensure that decision-makers have really good data available on the region's care facilities, which will be under uprecedented pressure in the months ahead
- Richard Harling, the ADASS WM's deputy chair, refers to the strong regional network and the commitment to sharing information and good practice.
- Graeme Betts, leading on social justice, explains how this concept underpins everything social care is about - something it is hoped will inform our collective response to Coronavirus and all that it brings with it.


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