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TV PROGRAMME: West Midlands Workforce Alliance aims to join up NHS & social care



ADASS West Midlands and the University of Birmingham are leading an initiative joined by Skills for Care, WMAHSN and a range of NHS organisations to overcome historical divides hampering sector sustainability.

The West Midlands Workforce Alliance is a regional response by leaders who recognise the current system with its historical divides is struggling to deliver.

Coming together may sound basic but its really important, says Jon Glasby, Professor of Health and Social Care at Birmingham University and a specialist in health and social care integration. Finding a way to work better together is crucial, he says.

Those speaking for organisations represented at the meeting lined up to agree that they could much more to share intelligence and expertise and solve problems, especially around workforce, where the excess of demand over supply is predicted to get worse – but doesn’t need to if the right steps are taken collectively.

Public Health England West Midlands, West Midlands AHSN, Local Government Association, NICE, University of Birmingham, Health Education England, NHS Confederation, NHSE, West Midlands ADASS, several of the region’s 14 local authorities, and Skills for Care resolved to work together to:

  • Get to grips with future regional and local health & social workforce requirements and to promote careers across the sector
  • Develop a regional response to recruitment, retention, training and development
  • Collaborate with health and care providers on new ways of working and new forms of delivery so that a viable regional health and social care market can be maintained
  • Demonstrate social care’s contribution to the regional economy

The Alliance will meet again formally in six months’ time.

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