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Tomorrow's Agenda No2 - data and information transparency, security and availability in local elections.


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Simon Verdon of software developers Democracy Counts and Keith Simmons Chief Officer registrations and democratic services Bedford Borough Council talk to Joe Tibbetts

Tomorrow's Agenda focuses on people working in collaboration to solve some of the more intractable problems presented by local government in 2018. In this interview Simon Verdon and Keith Simmons explain their work together using digital tools and through the introduction of the first ever Citizen App in an English council to make more accurate information, more readily available, more efficiently collected and stored, to the electorate of Bedford borough. The self-service design allows the citizen to take control of their own data, easily change details as circumstance demands, and decide who gets to do what with their data.  

Tomorrow's Agenda is a new CLGdotTV format. A half hour programme broadcast live on Tuesday afternoons at 4:25 and available on-demand thereafter

This content is brought to you free of charge through the generous support of Democracy Counts


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