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Secure sharing of documents, data and information has never been more important.


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Gemma Walford, Azeus Convene; Kelly McCann, Egress Software Tech and Hilary Simpson, Sleuth Co-Op spill the beans.

Sharing documents, data and information in a secure manner was always essential for local authorities. GDPR has come along with a big stick just as new working practices are making security ever more difficult. Now not only does secure sharing need to work across departments but it needs to include the mobile worker and, as collaboration between organisations becomes a fact of life, include individuals working to different security regimes. At the same time secure sharing needs to be proof against human error, such as pushing the send button at the wrong moment with the wrong names in the destination box. Hilary Simpson invited two experts to talk freely in an untterly insecure public space about how to avoid fines, eye-watering punishments and, worst of all, the derision of colleagues. 

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CLG Live 2018 - is something new, half live event, all TV programme.

On 27 June sixty change leaders will meet at 58VE (Blackfriars) to be heard & be seen, break down hierarchies and the walls between silos and make eight short WebTV programmes. Short of time? Need to squeeze real value out of your working days? CLG Live 2018 is designed for you.

10:30 Future localgov: flexibile, agile and collaborative ?
11:15 Data: improving local services
12:00 Demand Management in local services
12:45 Identity, verification and customer accounts
13:30 Citizen Engagement & Ownership of Place.
14:15 What more can "digital" do for planning
15:00 What can "digital" do for social care
15:45 Innovation in the Local Government space - Ai, machine learning, autonomous vehicles.

JOIN: Martin Sadler; Mark Cridge MD, MySociety; Shane O'Neill, Chair, Elgin, Natasha Epstein, London Waste Partnership; Hilary Simpson Sleuth Co-Op; Peter Wells, ODi; Brad Smith Hertfordshire CC; Jane Hancer, CC2i; Marc Greenwood, Coventry CC; David Watts, City of Wolverhampton; Vicky Sargent CLGdotTV; Ian Litton, Positive Attributes; David Wilde, DWilde Consulting: James Harris RTPi; Ingrid Koehler LGIU; Brett Leahy, Milton Keynes; Mark Nicholas NHS Digital & Lianne Viney Kirklees BetterCare; Joe Tibbetts



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