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Reaping the data opportunity from digital recording of care provision



Taffy Gatawa, Chief Information & Compliance Officer at everyLIFE describes huge opportunities for improving outcomes for individuals, families, care workers and providers from digital recording of care activity.

EveryLife’s Pass System is a digital tool and platform that replaces the paperwork involved in managing people’s care and medication whether they are in residential care home or receiving homecare.

Care workers complete records of activity and outcomes during care visits, or in residential care using smart phones or tablets to upload data to the Pass System platform. They can also download the latest information to guide care and medication to be provided.

This enables delivery of the best care possible during a visit or care session, but there are many other benefits. One of these is the potential to analyse (providing the correct permissions are in place) the resulting data for the benefit of the individual but also to improve performance by providers able to analyse data from all those in their care.

Families can also access records of care online (again where the right permissions are in place) and keep up to date with how their loved ones are getting on without having to make regular calls to the care provider.

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