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Managing demand in health and social care. Pipe dream or the new reality?


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Jane Hancer, CC2i; Marc Greenwood, Head of Business Systems, Coventry CC; David Watts, Director of Adult Services, Wolverhampton CC; and Simon Swift, MD Methods Analytics share their thoughts 27 June

We are frequently told that demand for public services, particularly health and social care, is outstripping supply, making traditional models of supply unsustainable. Can this demand be better understood, and therefore managed?

Jane Hancer, Marc Greenwood, David Watts and Simon Swift share their thoughts and in the course of the conversation they:

  • discuss work being done with data to predict and potentially manage citizen demand for health and social care
  • note that information sharing in health and social care is hard and is being hampered by the absence of robust sharing arrangements, but that it may be more achievable at a local level
  • pinpoint the need for greater sharing of evidence about what interventions work in social care
  • agree that identifying cohorts where health and social care interventions will actually make a difference is vital while noting that usually these are not the cohorts most at risk
  • wonder if the application of AI in the health sector is being overhyped
  • and a whole lot more besides......set aside the time and watch this programme, it’s a key debate.
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