Vicky is one of the creators of CLGdotTV, where she also produces and presents programmes. She has 25 years experience of delivering projects in and for public sector organisations including government departments, local authorities, the NHS, and professional associations. Much of her work has been around digitally-enabled innovation and improvement.


Exploring practical ways of helping people overcome social isolation


whg Housing are about to trial a ‘kit’, developed with service design students at the Royal College of Art, to help tenants connect with their community

Social isolation is a real threat to health and wellbeing and impacts negatively on community resilience and cohesion.

In this video Richard Haynes, whg’s innovation manager, describes the service design process worked through with RCA students to come up with the ‘Knock Knock’ concept. This is set to be trialled over the next few months, Covid-19 notwithstanding.

Richard describes how the project will be assessed not just on its end product but also on the basis of learning delivered for the wider work of whg - and potentially other social housing providers – around customer support.

The creative potential of working with university students and the freedom to fail, but ‘fail early’, are all part of the package.

The service design inputs are being provided free of charge by the Royal College of Ar, as with other projects it is delivering with public sector and not for profit services. For mor eon this see CLGdotTV’s interview the RCA’s Clive Grinyer.



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