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Circular Economy, council procurement of Tech SMEs, waste and recycling, moral imperatives for tomorrow's council


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Working Lunch Dr David Greenfield of SOENECS & Hilary Simpson of Sleuth Cooperative in conversation with Joe Tibbetts

Councils that use local talent to provide tech services not only circulate local money locally but also grow a skills base that is in demand elsewhere in the country and which can be supplied far and wide without the locally gown suppliers leaving the locality in search of work. It's a wierd win win that sounds too good to be true but isn't.

It now seems inevitable that we will be paying more of our hard-earned cash for the disposal and management of ourdomestic and commercial waste. So better environmental behaviour is not only a moral imperative but also makes finacial sense. We need to do better at everything, make less waste to start with, more mending and product life extension, more and cleverer re-cycling, and we need to learn to abide by the rules when it comes to disposal of our waste for the penalties for not so doing are only going to get harsher.

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Connected Local Government Live 2018 - Local Government and the digital citizen - 27 June 
A day of peer and expert-led disussion and debate reviewing the progress of digital-enabled transformation and the citizen experience of it.
With sessions on customer accounts, use of data, identity and registration, social care, planning, waste management
and the Townhall or Whitehall debate on the future of centralised digital service supply. 
CLGLive 2018 Wednesday 27th June 58 Victoria Embankment (the NESTA building) three minutes walk from London Blackfriars Station
contact Ben Webber 07718 929374


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