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Bullying In The Workplace - The Future of Work #2


PPMA President Karen Grave and Executive Director Leatham Green talk to Joe Tibbetts about the organisation's recently launched 'Out Of The Shadows' initiative

The Public Services People Managers Association - PPMA - does what it says on the tin, providing a collective voice for the public services human resources and organisational development community, focusing particularly on people management and workforce issues.

This conversation about workplace harassment and bullying took place at May's PPMA annual conference in Birmingham, where, under the theme 'Don't worry - be happy' members explored the links between employee engagement, wellbeing and organisational productivity.

It was an appropriate platform for the launch of 'Out of the Shadows' a new PPMa campaign focused on bullying and harassment.

Karen and Leatham explain that HR and OD are the functions responsible for writing the policies and processes that should enable, empower and encourage people to report and resist workplace bullying, but organisational behaviours and cultures often get the better of these. And while oganisations with flat structures are in theory less like to support bullies, much bullying and harrassment is not manager or supervisor to juniors, but rather peer to peer.

Leatham Green is recording another progrmme with CLGdotTV on June 12 at 58VE when he will be talking about supporting emerging talent in the public sector. He will be joined by Fiona McAdoo, Associate Director of Organisational Development at London Borough of Camden.

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