Vicky is one of the creators of CLGdotTV, where she also produces and presents programmes. She has 25 years experience of delivering projects in and for public sector organisations including government departments, local authorities, the NHS, and professional associations. Much of her work has been around digitally-enabled innovation and improvement.


ARCHIVE VIDEO: making a difference with data: Sheffield 2015


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If the Coronavirus pandemic is teaching us anything, its is surely the difference that data can make to policy-making

In fact, data is now driving everything, as we have seen from the dramatically changed stance of the UK government in its response to the virus over the course of a few days.

Experts (status newly restored) are poring over data from countries only a few days ahead of us in the crisis, in order to advise leaders on next steps.

A few years ago, data wasn't really a 'thing' as far as most public & civic leaders were concerned. But in 2013 we (before we became CLGdotTV) conceived an initiative called Making a Difference with Data.

We held conferences in Birmingham and Sheffield with support from their city councils and some early data enthusiasts from corporate and social sectors.

Here's the programme we made from the Sheffield event, which we're releasing again because people have asked us to, and because its kind of interesting to look back at where we were.



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